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Hemis brings you exquisitely crafted products of Indian craftsmanship with cutting edge organic & natural materials like Lotus, Aloe Vera, Milk, Soya, Hemp, Orange, Corn, Rose and more. All these are environment friendly, bio-degradable fabrics that are very good for the skin too!

Hemp FabricHemp wins in comfort and durability due to its softness and high abrasion resistance, making it a highly competitive choice.  It is stronger, more durable and holds its shape over time while accepting dyes more readily and retains colour better. Fabric’s inherent luster is enhanced by washing. It is porous and has superior absorbency, high resistance to UV light, rotting, mildew, mold and saltwater. Bamboo Frabric

The Bamboo Fabric is antibacterial, moisture absorbent and UV reflective making it extremely cool, comfortable and it never sticks to skin even in hot summer. This breathable fabric is stretchier and softer than most of it counterparts. It is powerfully insulating, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter along with being hypoallergic.
Soya Fabric
Soya is a very lustrous and a soft textured fabric, often compared to silk. At the same time, it is far more durable and easy to care for. It has absorbent and UV reflective qualities making it comfortable and breathable. It is very lightweight and has anti-crease fibers making it a very desirable look and feel good fabric. 

 Milk is a very cool, free of moisture and breathable fabric. In addition to the comfort factor, the fabric has a very luxurious smooth and silky finish along a beautiful sheen. The fall of the fabric adds a lot of grace and style to the garment. 

 Rose Fabric

The Rose fabric is incredibly lustrous and silky. It easily catches dyes and retains them. It's a very comfortable and breathable fabric with a luxe finish. Adapting properties from the rose plant, the fabric helps in preventing skin inflammation issues and acts as a natural toner while reflecting harmful UV rays.

 The Aloe Vera fabric contains natural healing properties. It's anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties are very soothing on sensitive skin. The fabric is extremely lightweight, moisture absorbent and crease resistant. It is also temperature resistant  keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

Banana Fabric is very versatile, strong and durable. It is breathable and comfortable. It absorbs moisture and has a temperature resistant quality as well. The smooth banana fiber fabric is lustrous, silky and has a moderate sheen while the sturdy fiber fabrics have great strength and texture. 


 The corn fabric is an ideal replacement for synthetics. It is strong, durable, moisture absorbent, provides gentle comfort and has a good drape. Its low odour retention property is a great add on. The fabric is UV reflective and is naturally flame retardant. 

Lotus fabric is one the finest natural fabrics with a luxe finish. It is very lustrous, silky and has a smooth finish with a beautiful shine. It is very comfortable, breathable, moisture absorbent and crease resistant. 


 The Orange fabric is strong and drapes beautifully. The orange peel fiber is very versatile in nature, it can be transferred into a beautiful silky opaque fabric or a gorgeous crepe. This fabric is lightweight, crease resistant and holds dyes well. The fiber transfers its healing properties to the fabric, making it very comfortable and soothing on skin. 

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